Cast Iron Pipe Descaling


Many homes built before the 1980’s have sewer systems consisting of cast iron sewer pipes.  While the life expectancy of these systems can range from 50 to 100 years, they are prone to damage from calcification, corrosion and rust.  As this occurs, it is often referred to as scale.

Cast iron is particularly vulnerable to scale buildup simply because magnesium and calcium reacts with the surface of the pipe.  If left untreated, scale will naturally accumulate inside, restricting the flow, causing friction and ultimately resulting in frequent clogs and backups.  Although there is no way to prevent scale buildup over time, it can be remediated through descaling.

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Before and After Descaling

The Process of Descaling Cast Iron Pipe

Descaling and reconditioning process involves using state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to remove buildup and rust from inside cast iron pipes, called a Picote Miller.  The cleaning portion of the miller consists of a ploy sheathed steel cable that is attached to a set of carbide tipped chains.  Once inserted into the pipe, the chains are spun at speeds up to 2000 rpms – Obliterating scale and smoothing out the interior the pipe. Simultaneously, all residual debris is flushed down the line with high pressure water from our hydro jetting unit, leaving a trouble free drain!

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