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We are the drain experts!

Drain cleaning is all we do and our expert technicians do it well. Most businesses that advertise drain cleaning are plumbing companies. Although they may employ fantastic plumbers, drain cleaning is just one of the many services they offer. It is for this reason, their technicians are often the new guys with very little experience in plumbing-much less drain cleaning. Unfortunately, this often results in fewer options and poor customer service.

Smith Drain Solutions

All of our service vehicles are stocked with the best professional-grade tools on the market, to include US Jetting’s most popular hydro jetting machine, the 4018 (capable of delivering 4000 PSI at 18 GPM). This industry-leading jetter gives our technicians the ability to tackle even the toughest blockages (to include grease and tree roots) from lines ranging from 1-24″ in diameter and 500′ in length.

This is how typical Blockage Looks Like

Typical Method of Cleaning

Cabling through Process


Results After Cabling

After Cabeling

Cabling is most effective when combined with hydro jet service

hydro Jetting

Customer Oriented Service

Trained Employees

Professional Grade Tools

Flat Rate Pricing

Our Technicians


When you call Smith Drain Solutions, you can be confident that a highly skilled drain cleaning technician will arrive promptly at your door. Each of our technicians has undergone a thorough hiring process which includes background screening and training in advanced drain cleaning services techniques. For additional peace of mind, every Smith Drain Solutions technician is fully insured.

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4018 Hydro Jetting Machine by US Jetting